Arts Therapy For Sub Fertile Women

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Arts Therapy for Sub-Fertile Women
In a study done by Hughes (2010) art therapy was used with sub-fertile women in a group setting. Eight two hour long semi structure sessions were conducted based on different techniques each week. Techniques included making and decorating a portfolio, body mapping, hand painting, a drawing of a tree, and group painting. Body mapping allowed for the women to draw what sub-fertility meant to them. Hand painting was used to explore the women’s perceptions of their strengths and weaknesses. Tree drawings explored the women’s personal relationships with their family and friends who support them. The group paining had the group collaborating bringing them together spiritually and physically to create a town called Town of Hope, each woman created her own building or place within that town. Testing after the sessions demonstrated both clinically and statistically significant declines in hopelessness and depression. The women experienced benefits in stress reductions, validation of feelings, improved self-esteem, and promoted self-awareness. The art creation was found to be a valuable tool of healing for the women dealing with sub-fertility it provided an avenue for expressions, increased awareness in themselves, peers and caregivers of the grief they were carrying. The women were empowered to leave behind the grief they were carrying that was shown through their art work (Hughes, 2010).
Arts Therapy for Loss and Bereavement
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