Arun Ice Cream Case Report

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A DOCUMENTARY REPORT AND CASE ANALYSIS OF ARUN ICE CREAM Submitted to INDUKAKA IPKOWALA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT M.B.A PROGRAMME Constituent of Charotar University of Science and Technology. (CHARUSAT) Presented by Swetang Panchal M.B.A Semester-1 09/MBA/22 DECEMBER 2009 DECLARATION I, Swetang Panchal, hereby declare that the DOCUMENTARY REPORT AND CASE ANALYSIS titled “ARUN ICE CREAM” is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other work publication, if any, have been duly acknowledged. Place: Changa Date: 13/11/2009 Swetang Panchal Facts of the company Extracts Arun Ice cream was an Ice cream maker & distributor company established by the person named R Chandramogan, son of…show more content…
VISION ▪ To expand the company and make the company as owner of largest portion of markets share through continuous expansion and by increasingly satisfying the new and sustained customers! MISSION ▪ To provide best quality of ice-cream to continuously expanding customers. Company’s different ventures ▪ Established first ice-cream manufacturing plant in Madras under the firm name Hutsan Milk Products ▪ Established another completely new plant in Salem nearby Kerala and Karnataka in 1991 ▪ Established another new fully automatic manufacturing plant in five acre land on Red Hill area on the outskirts of Madras city. ▪ Established a Depot in Madurai in 1995 for handling distribution over franchisees located in Tamilnadu, with adequate cold storage facility ▪ Established 700 franchisees outlets in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh for continuous meeting the needs of increasing customers by the year 1991 Core Competencies ▪ Chandramogan had a strong urge to become successful as businessman ▪ He continued business with strong advertising and promotioning activities to establish and more grab more numbers of market share ▪ 3 major ice-cream manufacturing plant in Madras, Kerala and Karnataka ▪ Excellent management over distribution handling over depot ▪ 700 franchised outlets ▪ Having 60 % ownership of market share of

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