Arun Verma- Lays Potato Chips

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 'In revitalising the brand, the goal is not only to generate added sales levels but to have them based upon enhanced equity, a move which involves improved recognition, enhanced perceived quality, changed associations, an expanded customer base and increased loyalty. ' David A. Aaker – Professor of Marketing Strategy at University of California at Berkeley. This is a story of risk and reward. About having the guts to effectively withdraw the Hostess Brand from the market, even though it was Canada’s largest snack food trademark and the company 's flagship brand – in favour of replacing it with an old, weak brand – and then making that old brand the national leader, in its first year. The salty snacks market is…show more content…
We needed advertising that would change perceptions immediately. If not, we would leave tens of millions of dollars in Lay 's stales on shelf. This led to the four following advertising imperatives. 1. 2. 3. 4. Make Lay 's a brand Hostess buyers want. Make Lay 's highly visible and appealing, to draw in new users. Create the conditions for long-term brand loyalty to Lay 's. Fulfill the global strategy, while giving Lay 's a Canadian personality. STRATEGY AND EXECUTION Year I – the insight Lay 's global strategy took the high ground of taste. But we also learned that chips are an indulgence. So, we decided to dimensionalise taste through 'irresistibility. '2 Year I – the creative idea We had to deal with Lay’s low awareness and poor image. We needed a high impact idea that would deliver brand esteem – a higher regard for the brand. This would be essential for taking consumers through the sequence: esteem > trial > attitude shift. You can 't ask for esteem, the consumer must give it to you. Advertising must be entertaining, involving and memorable. We decided on an appealing and carefully researched brand representative – Mark Messier. He turned 'irresistibility ' into the Lay 's wager: Betcha can 't eat just one! This was great taste and irresistible indulgence, told with impact and fun. But impact can be a double edged sword if it leads to fast wear out. So
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