Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

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Though the novel is undeniably about the twins; Esthappen and Rahel, who can be considered as the protagonists of the novel and the narrative view of the authoress, intrinsically this novel is an argument for and against the good and evil in society with special reference to women. The novel throws light on some important things of life like how love is always associated with sadness, how a person’s childhood experiences affect his/her perspectives and whole life. The novel shows the ugly face of people and society as a whole, a vivid description of the black and sarcastic world especially with reference to women that dwells around us. The God of small thins highlights the position of women folk in India. It presents before us the…show more content…
Ammu is also the example of a member of society who breaks the communal mores of India. Rahel, Ammu’s daughter is the woman who has no place in either her family or society. Living in her grandparent’s house, she does not live like a normal child. She lives as a witness to injustices done to on her mother’s. As Rahel is growing up unwanted, she never experiences the real Hindu tradition because no one regards her presence, so that, Rahel becomes a free woman who unlike her mother, is not restricted by mental restrictions of the Hindu traditions. This is why, on her return to Ayemenem, she replies to an old man who asked about her marital status “ We are divorced” (130) without worrying what the old man will think about her answer. Chacko is a representative of exploitative male who oppresses women. He troubles his mother, his sister and even his wife. Ammu’s inter-religious marriage is abused but Chacko’s relation with low caste woman is accepted in the name of Man’s needs. In this novel, marriage is a trap for all and no marriage is successful. In the novel, Arundhati Roy has depicted the worst social and economic conditions of women. Ammu is divorced and lives with her parents and brother, Chacko, who treat her as well as her children in a terrible manner. She is divorced and a divorced woman has no respectable place in society while her brother is also
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