Aryan Nations Research Paper

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Aryan Nations, the Anti-Semitism Group

Imagine being haunted with the cruel remarks about something you could never change about yourself. You don’t necessarily like that feeling, or the people who say that, right? The Aryan Nations were people who could make you feel this way; they primarily and harmfully attacked blacks and Jews, followed Hitler, made church leagues, and often committed crimes. To start, the Aryan Nations were an organization that only the most rebel and brutal people would join. They were a white supremacist organization. The group wanted to live in an only white race area, in North Idaho. William Potter Gale and Wesley Swift were the inspirations for the program, and Richard Butler was the founder. The Aryan Nations would try to always find a way to offend blacks, and sometimes Jews. They were a somewhat religious group, and they believed that black people, and Jews were direct descendants from Eve and Satan. They cultivated large amounts of racist thoughts and anti- semitism ideas about this, and just overall tried to offend these people any way they could.

Next, the creators and members were obviously very strongly
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In 1977 he made an old farm building on the property into an Aryan Nations Christian church. In 1980, the church was bombed and it caused $80,000 worth of damage to the church. The Aryan Nation themselves also had a lot of history in crime. They robbed an armored car and ended up stealing $3.6 million. In 1985 David Tate (Aryan Nations Order member) shot and killed a Missouri State Trooper. They killed a radio show host named Alan Berg. Also in 1985 the leader, Elden “Bud” Cutler was arrested for putting a hit out on an FBI informant. Even some of the Aryan Nations tried to joined the KKK as well, in hopes of overthrowing the US government. Eventually, the group was pinpointed down, and most, if not all of the members were put into
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