As A Client, I Played The Role Of An Individual With Anorexia

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As a client, I played the role of an individual with Anorexia Nervosa. Before I started the role play with my “counselor”, my main concern was based on ensuring I knew the criteria well enough so it would not be confusing for my role play partner to diagnose. During the role play, I began to imagine how difficult it would be for someone to come into a counseling office and tell a stranger about their weight, obsession with losing weight, lack of eating, etc. In the role play, I was an 18 year old woman in high school that came into counseling because of her concerned mother. I tried to be resistant and in denial that I had a problem with my eating and desire to lose weight because it seems as if many individuals with Anorexia Nervosa feel…show more content…
My client initially talked about their relationship problems with their spouse. Once probing further, I was able to figure out that she had episodes for the last four years of being in slightly high moods as well as slightly low moods and her spouse was getting upset at how “moody” she has been. Immediately, I thought of Cyclothymic Disorder because of the persistent amount of time as well as the intensity of the episodes, but knew it could also be Bipolar I Disorder or Bipolar II Disorder if she met criteria for a manic or hypomanic episode. I began to probe more on her current mood, which she describes as feeling down for the past 2-3 months. I asked about other symptoms of major depressive episodes, such as diminished interest in activities, decreased or increased appetite, sleeping too much or too little, lack of energy, feeling guilty, as well as thoughts or plans of suicide. I was proud that I remembered to ask about all of those criteria and felt confidently doing so, but I did miss asking about diminished ability to concentrate or make decisions. In all of her answers to these questions, they either did not apply or were very insignificant. I discovered she felt slightly down, had a lack of energy and diminished interest in activities, but was still able to go to work and not be affected. The main issue was her husband being irritated that she would switch from feeling down and lying in bed more often to feeling more

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