As A Future Elementary Educator, I Will Be Involved In

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As a future elementary educator, I will be involved in developing and/or executing social studies curriculum. It is pertinent that I not only understand how to accomplish the development and execution for lesson planning, but also the importance of social studies education for young children. My background of social studies is relatively insufficient, which is why this course is essential to my education. Even though I have not completed the whole course, I can already tell how uninformed I am in this area of study. However, the important aspect to reflect on is not what I do not know, but how much I can learn. The first thing I learned about social studies was how it contrasts to the social sciences. Initially, I assumed social studies…show more content…
I could not tell you one thing I learned from his class. He was a great person and an entertaining advisor, but not an effective teacher. When I advanced to tenth grade U.S. History, I was dreading the continuous memorization and lack of meaning and understanding. However, on the first day, my teacher told the class that he was not worried about the dates, but about the significance and understanding of the material. This was the biggest relief in my entire high school career because he was the first teacher that gave me hope for learning relevant material. His teaching was incredibly effective because I was challenged to build my own understanding. For example, I could tell you anything you want to know about JFK’s assassination because he made me so interested in the subject.
My eleventh grade teacher was comparable to this teacher. She taught World History, which was far more difficult considering she had traveled around the world plenty of times and was entirely overqualified to be teaching at a high school. Nonetheless, her passion for the material encouraged me to put forth my best effort. My senior year was a blur; however, my government and economics teacher left a lasting impression on my future as an educator. Instead of telling us why it was so important to learn the
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