As A Society, We Are Being Continuously Taught Not To Stray

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As a society, we are being continuously taught not to stray too far from tradition and from what previous generations have proven to follow. This insinuates the idea that we, as individuals, should follow tradition that includes stereotypical gender roles that existed. Throughout Euripides’ Medea, the audience and readers are shown the consequences that said gender roles create. They are a part of history that may never be overcome, as developed in the play. Gender roles may never be overcome in society, nevertheless it is important to remember that they do not define a person, let alone decide their fortune. Equality should not be perceived as an opinion, but as a right.
By performing a feminist reading of Medea, it is evident that the
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He tells Socrates that his wife came to him at fifteen, already knowing how to spin yarn, sew clothes, and cook. This shows that these were the sole expectations of women; they were not supposed to be smart or be able to work. Medea always does what she thinks is correct, which is a good mindset to have as it shows true independence. Through showing this quality in Medea, Euripides reinforces this quality that many people should possess.
Euripides develops the idea that no matter what gender a person is, they can still be the protagonist of their own story and be confident in their decisions. This may have been slightly extreme on Medea’s part as it made her inevitably sad, although, she proved herself as slightly more “masculine”, as she did not exhibit the typical “feminine” hysteria. Even though she got her vengeance on Jason and did so independently, she still lost the most important thing in her life, her children. In some ways, Medea ultimately became the only person controlling her own destiny because she had reached her goal of getting vengeance, or in her own twisted sense, justice on Jason for what he did to her. “What point is there in living anymore?”(Euripides line 169), questions Medea, showing how much pain she was in, as well as the possibility that she feels as though she must be with a man to survive. This thinking creates the idea that to be
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