As A Student Of Eaton High School I Have Been Able To Take

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As a student of Eaton High School I have been able to take advantage of many academic and extracurricular activities while still being able to maintain an above average GPA. I currently have a grade point average of 3.731. This was achieved through taking classes that fit the “Honors Diploma” curriculum. Including but not limited to: Honors Algebra II, History 100, Introduction to Literature, and Spanish IV (a collegiate introduction to elementary spanish). I have chosen to take these classes as they will continue to apply in the future as a student of the University of Northern Colorado. Each of these classes were not only challenging, but they had taught me skills that would extend far beyond my high school career. I had learned to…show more content…
Through these competitions I have been able to get more involved with my community and its businesses. In December, I had organized a community service project and included two other club members. The goal of this project is to make nurses feel appreciated year round but especially on Christmas. We were able to get our chapter and the entire Eaton High School student body to collect and assemble hot chocolate kits to be delivered on Christmas. We were able to provide over 70 hot chocolate kits. As an organization we have also picked up trash along the highway, wrapped presents for meals on wheels, and served food in many of the community banquets. Each of these opportunities have been incredibly heartwarming and rewarding. My greatest example of challenge came from my engagement in Eaton Girl’s Basketball. I have always played basketball since before I can remember so it was no surprise when I decided to play as a freshman. Two years prior to my freshman year, I had torn my ACL, this had changed the way my knees functioned and provided me with several obstacles from that point forward. I learned to deal with this and made the decision to continue playing. Just before my sophomore year, at a summer camp, I twisted my knee and tore my ACL yet again, this time on the opposite leg. I missed out on my sophomore season but stayed on as a manager. I attended every practice, traveled with the team, and kept statistics during games.
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