As A Study Proved, Evaluating The Effects Of Leonardo Dicaprio’S

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As a study proved, evaluating the effects of Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2016 Oscar acceptance speech citing climate change, “…tweets including the terms ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ reached record highs, increasing 636% with more than 250,000 tweets the day DiCaprio spoke” (Leas et al, 2016). Being a celebrity is not necessary to raise awareness or learn more about this crisis. There are many planned events and campaigns one can attend or do research online in the comforts of home to find ways to help spread the word. Additionally, encouraging members of our social circles to adopt sustainable lifestyles, voting for political representatives who understand the issue, and leading by example, are steps that can be taken that will help save…show more content…
As stated by former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón, Chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, choosing between tackling climate change and boosting economic growth is a "false dilemma" (as cited in The New Climate Economy [NCE], 2014). The commission’s report found that economic growth and reducing emissions is mutually beneficial. One example in the report is tripling research and development of low carbon technologies, such carbon capture and storage, to at least 0.1% of GDP can drive a new wave of innovation for growth. Another example regards the phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, which can improve growth (NCE, 2014) Currently $600 billion in subsidies goes to fossil fuel subsidies, which is six times the amount going to renewable energy. Although, the prime example of how mutually beneficial it would be for us (economically and non-economically) and the polar bears is how it impacts human health and air quality. Some GHG are already in the atmosphere; therefore, some climate change is inevitable. The government now must decide if we prepare for the impacts or allowing the impacts to happen and suffer the consequence of the economic hardship. Improving air quality will promote human health and our quality of life. A study researched two ways that would benefit the economy and human health: reducing co-emitted air pollutants and slowing climate

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