As A Young Child, My Grandmother’S China Cabinet Was Enchanting.

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As a young child, my grandmother’s china cabinet was enchanting. When the sun streamed through the cabinet at the perfect angle, pink patterns created by glass dishes were splayed on the green shag carpet. Of course, I was not interested in the glassware that produced the light display, I was just intrigued by the display itself. As I grew, my grandmother explained these two pale pink glassware sets were known as Depression Glass. Like many other women, my great grandmother collected the sets piece by piece, and they became her pride and joy. Although they may not be made of high quality glass, these cups, plates, and bowls are priceless family heirlooms that remind us that beauty can be found in the bleakest of times, even during the…show more content…
Interestingly, clubs, collectors, and museums alike fawn over even the most common of pieces. What makes Depression Glass so special? In a time of hunger and unemployment, its bright colors and exciting patterns made the mundane, or even the miserable, feel more special. Although there are hundreds of Depression Glass patterns in existence, my grandmother owns only two: Miss America and Cherry Blossom. Both patterns are not the rarest or the most beautiful of their kind, but the hours my great grandmother spent completing each set makes them all the more special. From 1935 to 1938, Hocking Glass in Ohio distributed the Miss America pattern in Montgomery Ward department stores (Schroy). According to the National Depression Glass Association, Miss America is defined by its rays of diamonds flowing outward from the center of a dish, and some would describe it as resembling a sunflower. It was commonly produced in the colors of crystal, pink, and green, but the National Depression Glass Association assures buyers that ice blue, jadeite, and royal ruby hues can rarely be found. Pink Miss America dinner plates, like the few my grandmother owns, can sell for $16.50, but a highly coveted royal ruby wine glass can sell for approximately $250 (Schroy). Thousands of common pieces may exist, but some rare pieces may be the only of their kind. Many factories tested designs, and

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