As An Audience That Enjoys Media Entertainment, We Find

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As an audience that enjoys media entertainment, we find ourselves glued to the television every year to see what commercials will appear during the Super Bowl. Last year 's Super Bowl featured various commercials that target particular audiences requiring a great deal of planning and meticulous execution. Thus, audiences that enjoy these commercials become part of more than just the game; they are given an opportunity to become part of a bigger picture by analyzing what message the composer is attempting to persuade to the public. As I reflect on these commercials, I want to understand what is being communicated to me to persuade me to act to buy a product. To understand the rhetoric analysis of Super Bowl commercials, I will look at what…show more content…
By utilizing the “The Blue Link Car Finder” (knmilke, par. 1), the father tracked his vehicle and interjected himself into the picture; interfering with his daughter 's date and intimidating the young man. From a parent 's perspective, I perceived the message to be about keeping your children out of harm’s way. If Hyundai’s commercial is successful, it will entice parents to buy the car so that they will know where their children are and if they are safe. For this commercial, the target audience is parents. The Hyundai commercial uses comedy to show parents how a car finder is a great tool for parents to know the whereabouts of their young teens. It will give them a sense of security when their children are out and about with friends or on dates. It could also help find the car if it is stolen. While the message and target audience seem clear, there are a few additional things that you can make assumptions about. At the beginning of the commercial: the boy’s eyes get big as he is looking at the daughter, indicating that he feels like he hit the jackpot; when the father comes from behind the door, the boy turns his head and says YEP, indicating that he has no respect for the father or where he lives; also, you hear a wolf howl indicating that the young man is a predator looking for an easy score. An additional assumption that can be made about the wolf howling leads you to believe that maybe the
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