As Children Physically Mature Into Young Adults, Their

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As children physically mature into young adults, their minds go through an evolution of gaining knowledge. It begins before preschool with their parents and continues with their elementary, junior high and high school teachers. Up until this time, they are taught the basics of reading, writing and other disciplines in preparation for them furthering their education at any of the institutions of higher learning throughout the United States. This has been the way since the creation of the public school system in America in 1785 when the Continental Congress passed a law with the creation of the state of Ohio. Resulting in the creation of land grants for local schools and the creation of land-grant universities (Ordinance of 1785). As society…show more content…
By creating large classroom sizes to maximize attendance, the university is able to receive more tuition money. While Graff a professor of English adds that universities foster an environment where only a small portion of students learn from lectures (4) as a result of the larger class size. Resulting in students who are only able to regurgitate what they have been told, yet lack the ability to comprehend what they have heard (4). When students attend class, they tend take what the professor tells them as law never questioning the validity of the claims, presented when listening to the professor’s lectures. Graff states that a majority of the students just take what the professor tells them and accept it as fact, without questioning, with open dialogue (5). Likewise Edmundson discusses how students are afraid to get involved in classroom discussions, because they fear to be judged by their peers as uncool or going against the grain (18). Resulting in students who become passive aggressive, who are afraid of offending people. Thus never fully experiencing the Socratic method of learning and expanding their critical thinking process. One of the issues when it comes to learning at a university is
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