As Children, We Are Told Not To Judge A Book By Its Cover

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As children, we are told not to judge a book by its cover and it 's want inside that counts. However, sadly as we grow up in this world we learned that those little lessons weren 't the easiest things to follow by. We are constantly told to have a certain body type, a certain skin color, and to ooze sexuality through our pores and then we would fit the ideals of the world. Since society is constantly changing around us, yet it 's fixation on beauty is a constant staple on a global scale and the idea of self-altering to gain this ideal has become inescapable. Throughout the years the importance of beauty has risen to a cultural level that it can almost be considered religious, with how greatly focused it is for young girls and…show more content…
But the society that we have built does not care whether or not it’s possible to obtain or not as long as they can monopolize our insecurities and turn that into a profit. And as humans constantly wanting approval over certain things of our lives and one being how we look we easily fall for it. Especially towards women since the way we look can somehow either open or close doors for us. For it seems that “the more attractive the women are, the wider her pool of romantic partners and range of opportunities in her work and day-to-day life (Alkon).” Looks get you places in our world that we have created now instead of the character of the person or the work they put in. Beauty is placed on a pedestal in ALL of our lives, whether you have noticed it or not. We all have strived towards it even if it’s unrealistic and dangerous for us; internally we yearn to be scaled high in the eyes of society. The culture views this need for validation over our looks as an easy cash grab and encourages us to be highly critical towards ourselves so we run towards the idea of what ‘conventional” beauty is. Slowly raising the standards of female beauty with emphasis to “women to hate their bodies and spend countless dollars on unnecessary beauty products and weight-loss solutions (Anderberg).”

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