As Far as the Crow Flies

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Mississippi history is long and varied. Three historical events Mississippi will long be known for is slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and the murder of Emmett Till. Slavery began in Mississippi before it became a state and the majority of its existence relied on the free labor of African-Americans. Jim Crow Laws enforced segregation between African-Americans and Whites in Mississippi following the end of slavery. Emmett Till was an unfortunate casualty of unknowingly going against the laws of segregation in the South.
Slavery in Mississippi went through more stages than most people think. Initially, British convicts, indentured servants, and even Native Americans were used for the labor needs on plantations. Eventually, with the slave trade, African slaves replaced the forced free labor of British convicts and Native Americans as a more cost effective way to fulfill the high need for labor on the plantations. In Mississippi, slaves often came from places further north from where they were sold or stolen rather than coming straight off a boat from Africa. Getting sold down south to Mississippi was considered “hard time” and a punishment due to the nature of slavery in Mississippi. Most slaves worked in the fields picking cotton which was challenging and the hours were long, often 18 hour days. Youth nor pregnancy was a restrictive measure for children started in the fields at five or six and pregnant women worked until they went into labor and were expected to be back in the
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