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How to Draw Strategy from a Comparison Shopping Report Millard’s Mini-Case As an FMM student you have already done lots of shopping reports. This exercise is intended to show you how to use this information as an analytical tool. Comparative shopping is done in the industry constantly. But the point of the task is to identify strengths and weaknesses of your store’s merchandise mix in comparison to the competitors’. Are you offering the customer something unique in one segment of your business, but not in others? Are you just a poor second in comparison to a strong competitor? Are you under- or over-developed in certain classifications? Are your prices in line with the rest of your store? In relation to your…show more content…
d. Why not? Third Step After finishing your study, you read in the paper that Thomas & Blake is going out of business! Even though they continued to have decent revenues, their debt load finally did them in. They could no longer afford to keep the stores open. Assignment Question 3. a. Does this change provide an “environmental opportunity” for you? b. Does the issue of branded vs. private label enter into this consideration? Why or why not? c. How might you adjust the assortments in your department to “pounce” on the misfortunes at Thomas & Blake? Be very specific. a. Yes, When Thomas & Blake goes out of business, that gives you an opportunity to take over Thomas & Blake’s market share with the right merchandising strategy. b. Maybe , because Thomas & Blake is a typical department store that doesn’t have private label. But maybe if Millard’s wants to expand its current assortment to win over Thomas & Blake’s customer. They might want to consider private label. c. Compare to Thomas & Blake’s shopping analysis. Millard’s needs make the price range of the better regular classification a bit higher from $80 to $120. Also, the price range of the better big/Tall classification need to be adjusted higher from $50 to $90 in order to meet the need of the customers who used to shop at Thomas & Blake. d. Fourth Step Of course, nothing stands still in the world of retailing. Just as you start to
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