As For The Second Couple, It Comprises Of Chandini, A Canadian-Born

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As for the second couple, it comprises of Chandini, a Canadian-born Sri Lankan woman and her French-Canadian boyfriend, Jon (see Photo 2). Chandini and Jon are in their late twenties and have been dating each other for over 4 years. The couple first met at a party thrown by mutual friends. They will be moving in together for the first time during the summer. While Chandini was not seeking her parents’ approval in regard to her moving out, she was still very nervous to announce to them that she was leaving. Her task was made easier by an older sister who had eased her parents into the whole dating non-Sri Lankan people. Prior to the beginning of her relationship with Jon, Chandini’s elder sister had herself been dating a French-Canadian…show more content…
The reason for that was because Sara hated Jeremy’s family and tried to avoid being with them as much as possible while Jon’s parents did not live in the same city as the couple so it was not possible to meet with them. The couples did not give the researcher permission to interact with them outside of these fields. The researcher was not able to meet with the couples’ friends and see how they interact among their peers. While this would have provided interesting data on the subject, the priority of the research was on their parents and so, the lack of data on their peers did not negatively impact the research.

For the participant observation, the couples were given the choice of deciding on the meeting place as well as the time and date. The goal was to let them be in control as much as possible as a means to make them be comfortable with the research. All the interviews that were conducted with the couples were informal. This was done purposely so that the couples would be at ease and think that we were having a normal conversation as friends and I, as the researcher, was simply curious about their relationship. This is an essential part of the research for “the degree to which trust and cooperation (rapport) are established influences to large extent the degree to which information gathered in participant observation is accurate and dependable” (Dewalt & Dewalt 2011: 47). The intention was for them to not think of it as a formal

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