As Global Temperatures Rise And Summer Weather Meets Winter

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As global temperatures rise and summer weather meets winter months, concerns of sustainability are in the limelight of the political sphere. The topic of sustainability immediately sparks conversation regarding how to minimize the depletion of valuable natural resources, but the issues of sustainability concern more than only nature’s demise. The polarization of the strikingly serious issues of sustainability and climate change has created a need for unity. Political parties and powerful figures have challenged the legitimacy of the changing climate, turning people against each other based on their beliefs. Having the freedom to make personal decisions and to create self-governance is a vital part of reaching cooperation on the issue. The…show more content…
The Haitian people began to blame the American Plan for causing contamination in the oceans, worsening the AIDS pandemic, and, in a more satirical sense, causing bad weather and flat tires.
The issue with the American government’s intervention in Haiti involves the disregard for Haitian autonomy. The United States instituted an agricultural development plan, SHADA, that would remove forty thousand families from their land and leave outsiders to poorly manage the fertile soil. When the farmers returned, they were at a loss to see how destroyed their land was, sometimes they could “not even recognize their own fields because the identifying trees, hills, and bushes had all been bulldozed away” (272). Haitian protests and rejections of the plan were strong, yet they remained powerless compared to the strength of the United States. In order to preserve the land that Haitians have farmed for years, personal autonomy would have been required. American intervention into Haiti, although the intentions were to revitalize the economy, left hundreds of acres of land destroyed, trees severed, and peasants homeless. If the United States were not to intervene, Haitian farmers would have been able to continue on with their autonomy, as generations before successfully accomplished, with cultivating their land. Instead, the United States stripped the people of Haiti and their self-governance,
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