As I Get Ready To Leave The Locker Room, I Strap On My

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As I get ready to leave the locker room, I strap on my black under armour cleats, tighten my blue gloves, put on my silver helmet with the lightning bolt logo, touch that sign that says “Play Like A Champion Today,” and walk into the tunnel with a band of brothers. We look to our left, then to our right, and nod our heads to acknowledge that we are ready. Finally, the announcer calls your team’s name and you run out of the tunnel ready to face all your fears, show your strengths, and defeat that fear to lose embedded in the back of your mind. The opportunity arose, and whether we seized it or not, we walk back through the tunnel one last time, wondering if we crossed that white line for the last time. For me, this was the last time. This…show more content…
Through the stress, strain, and painstaking decisions, a doctor is able to stay poised, confident, and meticulous. A doctor has immeasurable qualities. They persevere, and they demonstrate integrity, grit, and compassion among other things. Not everyone is equipped to be a doctor, and not everyone wants to be one, but those of us who do, such as myself, put in a lot of time and effort into achieving this goal. When someone asks me why I want to become a doctor, the answer is easy. I want to emerge as a doctor because I want to help people, but my reasoning extends far beyond that concept. Moreover, I enjoy challenging things, and what could be more challenging than dedicating your life’s work to ensuring that people become well, and go on to live long and happy lives? I enjoy thinking on my toes, and I love learning. The opportunity to become a lifelong learner in order to be the best possible provider that my patient can have, makes me want to achieve a medical degree. When I take the time to reflect upon myself, I know that medicine has always been the right choice for me. Growing up in America, as an African-American, has afforded me opportunities to achieve a great education that I can use to benefit people at home and abroad. Being a resident of Montana has put me at a disadvantage, since the state does not have a medical school, but that does not mean I have let my goal waver. My medical

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