As I Have Reflected On My Calling And How I Have Become

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As I have reflected on my calling and how I have become the person I am today, it has become apparent to me that there is no explanation for how I could have ended up here. For me, that shows that God has been orchestrating every step of my life so that I would end up here, at Huntington University, as a Missions major. I am a journaler, so I was reading through my old journals to try to get a sense of my calling. I think that my calling to ministry began my freshman year, even though I was not aware that was what was happening. In my journal, I wrote, “I really feel like I’m being called to help the poor and the lost, the needy, the hurting, but also children.” After writing this though, I forgot about it. Throughout my freshman and…show more content…
God continued to lay the orphan on my heart, but it was not until the winter of my senior year that I truly decided to be a ministry/missions major. Then, I wrote in my journal “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back….Where, beyond the edge, are you calling me? To a foreign country, or to my neighbors? International something. Orphanages.” With those words, I believe that I was finally admitting the calling that I had felt on my heart for quite some time. Shortly after, I had my first experience with orphan ministry. Over spring break of my senior year, I spent ten days in Kenya serving at a baby centre. There, my heart broke. “My heart is shattered into a million pieces. It really hit me tonight, as I was praying, that there’s sixty some children here without parents, without a family they call their own. And Father, that’s not right. And I can hardly breathe with the knowledge of the pain that they feel. Father, I have to do something. Guide my feet.” It was at that moment, on my last evening in Kenya, that I realized that I needed and wanted to dedicate my life to the cause of the orphan and to loving them. When I returned home, I knew that I needed to be a Missions major, without a shadow of a doubt. Sadly, I was embarrassed to tell most people, as I had a 4.0 and knew that they would look down on me for ‘throwing away my life,’ so I told
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