As I Was Scrolling Through My Facebook Feed, Ignoring Political

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As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, ignoring political posts from family and searching for funny dog videos, something caught my eye. It was a video of students reading their college acceptance letters, I clicked on the video thinking it would put a smile on my face and give me hope for the new generation. I was proved wrong, due to a powerful twist in the video. In the college acceptance letter, the students read about the 1 in 5 chance that they would be raped in college, and how their university would do nothing about it ("Facts about Sexual Violence"). This did not put a smile on my face, because it brought my attention to a grueling issue of rape on college campuses. Rape on college campuses needs to be taken seriously…show more content…
When breaking the honor code, “Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee, and substance abuse,” is considered important or even sacred then raping someone, then it is not considered a serious issue on a Mormon campus ("University Policies" ). The justice system did not fail Madi Barney, but her university failed to serve her and provide support. These are only two example of injustice to rape victims due to rape not being taken seriously by colleges and the justice system. The lack of awareness of sexual assault is caused by fear of colleges and rape victims, because rape on college campuses is not taken seriously by colleges or the justice system. In an article written by Tyler Kingkade, he explains colleges fear a drop in applications when they report a rape, “Dartmouth revealed in February 2014 that it had seen a 14 percent drop in applications, which many people attributed to protests over harassment, sexual assault and hazing on campus, Ivy League competitor Harvard University saw a 2.1 percent drop in applicants over the same period” (Kingkade). Colleges have noticed if they do not report rape, hazing or protests over either issue will not affect their application rates. As these universities are trying to protect their reputation, they take making more money more important than students

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