As I Write To You Today, I Truly Hope Life Has Worked Out

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As I write to you today, I truly hope life has worked out the way I had it planned. Or at the very least, I hope you are living a happy life. Hopefully, you have graduated from Loras College, and you went on to get a graduate degree. I also would expect you have found a job you love combating climate change. Or even better, you have found a solution to save our environment, and your kids won’t have to worry about the mess your generation created. However, even as a first year college student, I realize fixing climate change in 21 years is a lofty goal. Anyways, by this time, I imagine you have found yourself a wife you love, and you have a few kids too. All in all, I hope you are satisfied with your life and making a positive impact in the…show more content…
Without your parent’s success, you very well might not be where you are today.
Not only did your parent financial status allow for opportunity, but their way of parenting was an instrumental socialization agent too. Although your family was economically stable, not everything was given to you. Your parents made you work and held you accountable. Whenever you were out of line, your dad was never having it, as you probably can recall. Even though both your sisters and you knew he loved you guys very much, you all knew to behave especially when Dad was around. In addition, from the beginning, both your parents taught you strong Midwest values. Although you didn’t always stick to them, manners, honesty, hard work, and being on time were pounded into your head since you could talk.
Midwest values were not the only values your parents taught you. Although they might not be considered values, both parents were very liberal thinkers. Typically, they mostly voted for democratic candidates. While they parented you to think independently, their liberal views definitely rubbed off on you and your sisters. In addition to their political stance, both parents had a conflict perspective on society. Particularly, your mother was very active in changing the Elkader community. First, she served on the school board for ten years, and she was key in reforming the school to a more equal education program. On a bigger scale, your mother ran for county
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