As “Jean Piaget” Once Said, “Knowledge Arises Neither From

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As “Jean Piaget” once said, “Knowledge arises neither from objects nor child, but from interactions between the child and those objects.” (EDUC 16800, Professor Steve Sellarajah,PowerPoint, 2017). To acquire this knowledge and to learn, children play. In this fast pacing world we are so inclined to teach our children different concepts that we seem to forget that children learn from their play and its is also their basic right. The importance of play can be evaluated on the basis that Article 31 of the UN convention on the rights of the child stated that “ Every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child.” ( Dietze & Kashin, 2012, Pg. 6 ). As children do not…show more content…
When they reach the school age they are usually more engaged in cooperative play and play with rules. As their world of fantasy expands by playing with other children they quickly learn that they belong in a group which is an important step for their wellbeing. School going children with their set rules expresses a message that they are aware of the consequences of breaking or implementing rules which reflect their cognitive development. By allowing children, a choice to decide their activities and playing partners we are teaching them the strategies to build relationships not only in child care settings, but in a society later in their lives.Furthermore, they also learn if they can or cannot use familiar materials in different ways, For example, in our in class workshop we randomly selected straws and connectors and animal characters. We had a choice to select anything.(intrinsic motivation) This opportunity made us to think what kind of materials we wanted to play with, without any adult interfering (exploration) not only we were motivated as we wanted to make something, but once we gathered our material we were engaged in a discussion about how to make a building out of it.(social interaction) Everyone in our group were proposing different ideas, but finally we decided to make a zoo.(intellectual development). During play a conflict arose between two players regarding sharing the straws and they
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