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As Julia Alvarez was writing the proscript for In the Time of the Butterflies, she discussed the purpose in her writing this story. Dede, the youngest, was the only one who followed Trujillo and his commands as a dictator. This book is the true representation of the Dominican republic in the 1940 's because of Julia’s historical reference to the beginning of World War 2, corruption of the government and politics and also the death of Trujillo and the three Mirabal sisters. Dede, was the third out of the four sisters. Growing up her father thought of her as "She 'll bury us all [. . .] in silk and pearls." That changed due to the fact that she lost her sisters. Things changed to where her father started getting treated with a little more…show more content…
That would be the last guy her parents would 've imagined her to fall in love with. “I felt the same excitement as when I’d been able to coax a wild bird or stray cat to eat out of any hand.” Stated by Patricia as she described her love for Pedrito. The wedding was planned for the 24th of February, three days prior to her 17th birthday. Her father demanded that it was close to or after her birthday that way they wouldn 't be under Lenten season, where it wouldn’t be right for the two to marry. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina was the third of 11 youngsters, destined to lower-white collar class guardians in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, on October 24, 1891. In the wake of accepting a basic training, he filled in as a broadcast administrator and a protect on a sugar estate. Amid the United States ' control of the Dominican Republic from 1916 to 1924, Trujillo joined the Constabulary Guard and was prepared by U.S. Marines. His military profession immediately advanced and by 1927 he was named president of the National Army. In 1930, a gathering of dissidents under the authority of Rafael Estrella Urena wanted to topple Dominican President Horacio Vasquez for neglecting the constitution by amplifying his presidential term. General Trujillo, with whom Urena had already made a course of action, kept his troops down as the transformation unfurled, keeping up his impartiality. With Vasquez in a state of banishment and the energy of government up for

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