As Long As You Re Mine: A Short Story

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The show started without a hitch and after what happened earlier in the dressing room, Barry got more nervous as As Long As You’re Mine drew closer. Yes, you’d rehearsed the scene and kissed before, but this was different, it was the first time you’d be doing this in front of other people, and the first time you’d be doing this since he acted on his feelings for you.
“There’s a girl I know, he loves her so… I’m not that girl…”
Stood in the wings, one hand in yours, the other clasping the prop oil lamp, you looked over at each other. You both smiled encouragingly, and then you were on. Barry led you forward to the front of the stage, and as you got to your position you knelt down in front of each other.
Kiss me too fiercely, hold me too tight.
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“Yeah, yeah.”
“Oh, Barry!” And the next thing he knew, Helen’s lips were on his. Barry stood there in shock, not knowing what to do, and his eyes were wide. It was only when he saw you, tears in your eyes, storming back into your dressing room that he came back to his senses and pushed her away.
“Barry?” Helen asked but he paid no attention, and stormed straight passed her towards you dressing room. “Barry!”
Barry knocked on your door, ignoring Helen’s protests behind him. “Y/N, please let me explain!” Silence. “Y/N, let me in, please. That wasn’t me it was Helen.” More silence. “Y/N, I’m coming in.” Barry opened the door and walked in to see you sat your vanity, wig off and your natural hair tumbling down, and your face paint all messed up due to the tears streaming down your cheeks.
“Go away!”
“Just please let me explain.”
“Explain what?” You turned around to face him. “That everything I felt between us wasn’t there? That all this time it wasn’t me you wanted it was Helen? The fact that all this time I thought we were friends, possibly more, but this was a complete joke between you both! Ridicule the quiet girl in the corner who has no friends here but still came back! Just fuck off,
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