As Media Producction Report for Magazine

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Production Report

Section one – Brief and research
For this project my task was to create a few pages of a new magazine aimed at teenagers aged 13-19 years old, of either or both sexes. I needed to include a front page and a double page spread, with at least 3 original images. To begin with I researched the forms and conventions of magazines in the media. I found out a lot about the layout of the magazines, for example, a lot of magazines all have the same basic layout, which is often repeated throughout all major genres of magazines. After researching the forms and conventions of magazines in general, I then went on to research other details of magazines that would influence my decisions later on in the planning
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These enabled me to have a rough idea of the type of magazine that I wanted and the type of look it would have that would attract my target audience. Once I had come up with the planning I had to organise my time effectively so as I was able to get everything done in time, and I could keep track of everything. To keep my organisation of time I created a production log. This was a small notebook in which I wrote down the dates of every time I did some of the magazine work. Underneath the date I jotted down what work I had done, how far I had got with it and what I had to complete next time and set myself some work to do. This assured me that every thing would be done, giving me a little time to spare to check things over.

Section 3 – Construction
My production would be very successful and popular with the market in the final production. I think this because I feel that my magazine has a distinctive appearance and fills a gap in the market, by using cross-genre. I did this buy doing research of genres, and finding that two of the most popular with my audience are both gossip and fashion/style magazines. So I have decided to create a magazine which is using a lot of aspects from both these genres of magazines, to create something that will bring in the readers of both these types of genres, making the magazine audience a lot wider, as they can get the same amount of information from just the one magazine rather than going out

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