As Mentioned Above, There Have Been Many Lives Lost During

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As mentioned above, there have been many lives lost during the civil war that has raged for years in Syria. The estimated casualties in the chemical attack on April 4th are reported to be 131 citizens, 41 of those children (Perez, 2017). Many more people were also affected by the attack that day. There are the countless friends and family members who lost loved ones. There are surely many others who lost homes and other possessions that will be forced to try to find new places to live and support themselves. In a much broader sense, the effects are seen on global society by the reactions of political leaders, press coverage by media outlets, and even individuals whose reactions are displayed on social media. In many ways, events like this…show more content…
Again, these violations of social rights have become acceptable to some degree because they are thought to be necessary to prevent future attacks and ultimately stop those responsible. Many refugees of war are left with no way to provide for themselves or their families and become dependent on the donations and kindness of others. These effects demonstrate how events like the Syrian attack can have far reaching side effects on not only the direct victims, but for society across the globe. The victims of this attack are in need of medical assistance and many other basic needs as a result of this attack. While most people see and recognize this need, the social perception of terrorism and middle eastern countries involvement in these acts affects how people and governments react around the world. The social beliefs and values of cultures in the US and many other countries result in delays and debates in appropriate actions to help the people affected by this tragedy. The result is the continuation of the suffering of the Syrian people and uncertainty about if or when a resolution to this war will come. The analysis of this event brings about a much larger question as well, which is why do acts of war like the Syrian chemical attack continue to be issues after centuries of war and the lessons that society has learned from these experiences. Applying the

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