As Our Human Race Advances Worldly, Our Society Thrives

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As our human race advances worldly, our society thrives off of quick fixes. Between technology today, modern science, and the growing pharmaceutical industry, our society operates speedier and more extensively than ever before. Because of this, our quick- fix world feeds instant gratification to all, fulfilling desires without any delay. For example, if patients want to know how to help their sickness symptoms, they can quickly search the internet before turning to a doctor. If a person wants tighter, youthful looking skin, they can quickly receive Botox injections. And if a woman does not want to be pregnant, she can easily ingest an emergency contraception pill. These instant deliverers represent easy fulfillment of desires at our…show more content…
Opiates, otherwise known as narcotics, derive from the properties of Afghanistan grown Opium plants (Papaver somniferum) which are otherwise known as poppy seed plants. They exude a crystalline liquid from the capsules of the poppy (Calkins, 2016) Opium has been used to treat pain relief for thousands of years, although they have shifted towards dancing on a line of danger and misuse. The Opium in opiates exerts its stimulative action in a twofold direction, of the body and then the mind (Calkins, 2016). Opiates bind to opiate receptors present in the spinal cord, gastrointestinal tract and the brain in order to reduce the perception and reaction to pain, as well as increased the tolerance of pain (Miller, 2017). Opium, by pharmaceutical classification, is stimulant and exhilarating and tonic, which can be intensified through stimulation into a drug. (Calkins, 2016). While equally as addictive and both considered class 1 drugs, natural opiates are slightly healthier for the body and brain instead of synthetic, manmade opioids (Miller, 2017). -pshysical and psychological affects of opioids, maybe a picture of ur brain on drugs, and the different kinds of opiates such as Oxycodone, Vicodin, Morphine -“the medical consequences of opiate abuse -talk about addictive habit forming. While it is

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