As Technology Continues To Advance In Our Society, Medicine

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As technology continues to advance in our society, medicine has increasingly seen new developments. The most recent advancements being in reproductive technologies, giving couples the ability to design their babies. IVF, also known as in vitro fertilization, is the process of pre-selecting embryos before implantation (Bonsor and Layton). This form of conception aids many families with infertility to experience pregnancy and birthing a child of their own. Through the use of Preimplantation genetic diagnosis(PGD), IVF scans embryos for genetic disorders to ensure a healthier baby. But is designing a baby really as great as it sounds? Designer babies may seem like the future of our culture; however, it causes massive socioeconomic division,…show more content…
Many mothers are left infertile, unable to use a resource such as IVF, and thus, without the children they wish they could have. While the cost of having a child rises with reproductive technologies, the demands of parents and partners have grown to be more superficial. Originally, the process of IVF helped infertile women conceive a baby when all other options failed. PGD was also in use to help families be aware of potential disorders their baby may have, allowing them to prepare for a life with a special needs child. However, now parents are using this process to get rid of embryos with genetic disorders, and even going to the extent of picking a child’s eye color. Human genome mapping is a recent scientific technique that allows researchers to dig deeper into DNA and look at each specific chromosome. With this process, more characteristics of a child are modified and picked out by families wishing for a baby. While this might seem glamorous, it moves pregnancy into a superficial realm. In our society, hair, height, and athletic ability frequently define you, leading parents to want to create “perfect babies”. While people have different ideas of perfection, they are basing their child’s characteristic on what the world wants, or what will make the child likeable and successful as he grows up. It reflects deeply on our society’s values, whether we are gaining, or losing our respect of the individual. The physical attributes have come to outweigh a
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