As The Name Suggests, Whole Food Market Deals With Organic

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As the name suggests, Whole Food Market deals with organic foods that have no preservatives added. The main aim of the store was to provide people with organic food free from toxins. At the same time, they also aimed at rewarding farmers who whose aim was to protect the environment as well as human health. While establishing the business, the founders’ motivation was to tackle the issues that faced agriculture. They wanted to reduce the usage of pesticide and inorganic manure. They also hoped to regain the farming land lost to erosion and degradation.
The business is an American chain store supermarket. The first branch of the store was in Austin, Texas, which is the current headquarters. The government certified it as the first store to
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Growing the food on their own would not be possible. They thought it would be better if they educated farmers on the importance of organic farming and how it was carried out. They would also teach the farmers about the dangers of using artificial chemicals on plants. Thereafter, they would introduce them to methods that would use less artificial chemicals but still maintain high productivity. In doing so, they would ensure a healthy and productive America.

Brief history
The Whole Foods Market began as a small food store called Safer Way in Austin. Friends and family of John Mackey and Renee Lawson assisted them with $45000 which they used to establish the store. At the time they started, they used to store some food products in their apartment. The owner of the building realized this and evicted them. The two were forced to live at the food store. Although they faced several challenges, they did not abandon their dreams. Later on, they partnered with Clarksville Natural Grocery and opened the now called Whole Foods Market. In 1981, the owners experienced massive losses caused by floods (Patel, 2012). Up to $400000 worth of groceries were destroyed. At the time, the store had no insurance (Patel, 2012). Well-wishers, customers, and neighbors assisted the shareholders with the damages. The store was up and running after a month.
Mission of the Organization
A proper organization must have missions during its establishment.
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