As The World Continues To Go Through Changes, We Observe

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As the world continues to go through changes, we observe that there are many patterns in history that continue to repeat over and over again. We constantly question the state of the world and what our past has currently let us to. How did our ideas become about? What has influenced our patterns of thought? How do our interactions amongst others in society differentiate with our relations in the past? When observing the current state of the world, it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that society is nothing like it used to be. However, when you are looking at the structure of our capitalistic society the world remains the same. Literature and theories of Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx, the three classical social theorists,…show more content…
Naturally, as well as universally, fear is an unwanted emotion that imposes an individual to reflect on one’s behavior. In order to fit social expectations one is forced to change their behavior. Before the modern society people would rely on tradition (2/3). When comparing pre-modern society to society today it would be more expectable to challenge norms to create change. Challenging leaders and the ideas of others is not foreign compared to pre-modern society. In the past, challenging the powerful would have far more drastic consequences such as the threat of physical harm or even death. Today the desire to innovate has become more widespread. The result of individuals exchanging ideas and creating new social programs to alter society has the potential for social disorder eventually leading to a collapsing society. Durkheim would say that social order has to be controlled (2/3). There are many ways in which society can lead to a catastrophe due to social disorder. One serious issue that Durkheim addresses is anomic suicide based on a lack of regulation of desire (2/8). Although suicide is an individual act Durkheim studied the victims of suicide and the correlation of economic power. Before modern society moral forces constrained the desires of the poor as well as the rich (p. 49). According to Durkheim who says, “Actually, religion has lost most of its power. And government, instead of regulating economic life, has become its
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