As The Years Go By The World Changes Extremely Quickly,

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As the years go by the world changes extremely quickly, the new trend becomes an old trend in a week and the cycle continues over again. Although the world moves as fast as Usain Bolt, one thing that may never change is the popular use of the entertainment industry. The world thrives off of being entertained. People are always finding something to do or watch so that they won’t be bored. Sitcoms have been around for quite a time now, but rather a new idea that has come about is called reality TV. Society has made this type of entertainment very popular. Giving the viewer an impression that reality TV is relatable, drama filled and intriguing to watch. With all the viewers consuming hours of Reality shows, it’s pretty ironic that there…show more content…
Sitcoms have given characters problems that can relate to the viewer and even drama but if the viewer is not watching the show with suspension of disbelief they aren’t going to stay engaged. Society sees real people that seem to have real problems; individuals with different personalities that aren’t celebrities and that is what becomes more relatable. Our society is gravitating toward stories about real people actually going through problems in life rather than actors interpreting these feeling and emotions through a character. Within the article James Poniewozik had a lot of sources that had their own views on society and reality television with interesting concepts. “Ridiculous and pernicious! Many kinds of cruelty are passed off entertainment.” –Washington Post. Which is stating how society feeds off of what the producers are giving them as far as ridiculous drama that comes out of nowhere, and even the cruelties. Putting strangers in a house and forcing them to be on camera 24/7 and coexist with people they might not get along with. This situation causes conflict and viewers anticipate what will happen anxiously waiting to see a fight. Even when it comes to watching someone get their heart broken or embarrassed, viewers will stay tuned in every night to see what happens next. What does this say about society? Are
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