As Times Are Modernizing The Ideology That One Must Be

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As times are modernizing the ideology that one must be what they were born as is no longer a necessity for the individual as before. Prior to 1999 there were very few H.R. transgender policies provided by US employers. As the years have gone by and almost twenty years later more and more Human Resource policies are being adopted and implemented in defense of not only those who in the lesbian or gay community, but for those with gender identity and/or expression that differs from that of an individual’s birth-specifically transgender to fight against discrimination and inequality in the workplace. Transgender issues are particularly important to Human Resource practice, as experts, we should increasingly aim to create diverse and inclusive…show more content…
The following terms are defined by the National Council of Teachers of English as the following: Cisgender is a term used to describe one whose gender identity aligns with that assigned to them at birth. Gender affirmation surgery is when any surgical procedure a transgender person undergoes as part of their transition. Gender dysphoria is a psychological diagnosis recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, replacing the more controversial previous term “gender identity disorder” characterized by severe distress caused by the incongruence between one’s gender identity and the gender assigned to them at birth. Gender expression is one’s exhibited external gender, often deciphered as either masculine or feminine or in the ways in which a person outwardly aligns the self as male, female, or another gender and/or gender normalities communicated by dress, mannerisms, and interactions, among other aspects of appearance and behavior. Gender identity is one’s innate, intrinsic self-identification as a male, female, or another gender that may not necessarily match that assigned to them at birth and distinct from sexual orientation. Genderqueer or genderfluid is a non-specific umbrella term referring to those who do not identify as one of the traditional gender identities on the traditional
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