As Usual The Screaming Starts, I Am Jolted Awake In My

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As usual the screaming starts, I am jolted awake in my comfortable bed, trying to force my young eyes shut. Tossing and turning my clock flips to 2:01am, I know I shouldn’t interfere with their arguments, experience has taught me that. My bedroom door slowly cracks open light from the hall begins to poor in my otherwise unilluminated room, the light begins to grey my walls and floors casting shadows in every direction. My baby brother sneaks into my room through the crack just big enough for him to fit, he steps so light he could be walking on clouds as he scurries across the floor and into my safe arms. His tiny three-year-old hand rap around my first three fingers on my left hand and his face buries deep into my chest. The weathered…show more content…
The fighting grows increasingly in intensity as they get into discussions of my father’s new mistress, who to be completely honest could be his mother. “You love everything more than this family,” my mother screams as she begins to list off everything in my father’s life starting with that other women. Finally reaching the end of her list she says, “You even love your music more than us, just like this!” I knew it, here comes the crash of the guitar. It never came. Instead wood begins to crack, strings begin to fracture under pressure, I soon realize it’s the piano. A pain in my chest ruptures, a pain my young heart had never felt before, I loved that piano. In a hot rage, I climb out of my bed, walk quickly through the laundry room, into the kitchen, strait to house phone. I quickly pick up the phone, the dial tone starts, without a single thought I dial 911. Before I know it I am talking to the dispatcher, “911, What’s your emergency?”
What’s my emergency? I don’t know. 911 is for serious events this is just a regular night at my house, last time my dad poured boiling water on my mom before help came. This isn’t an emergency. A loud Pop comes from the back porch. “I’m scared”, comes running out of my mouth. “they killed my piano my dad just hit my mom my b-b-b-r-r-other is in my room please send the nice man again” I am out of breath suddenly but I continue to tell her what is going on as fast as it will come

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