As We Know The Family, Is Considered The Core Unit Of Society,

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As we know the family, is considered the core unit of society, is subject today to a series of changes, changes that have always existed, but are now presented in a more practical and faster than before. During the different stages of family development, the family faces different critical moments in the evolutionary cycle, involving both individual and family changes, which may constitute a period of crisis. In this case, we have a family of African Americans, in which we can denote that the relationship between one and the other influences the behaviors and feelings of each one of its members, where all act as a whole but each one interacts individually. Where there are communication and trust to express themselves, but there are still…show more content…
In every family, it is normal that problems or problems arise in each member that compose it. Each one has its own character and tastes, and sometimes it is not easy to reach an agreement and respect each other 's decisions for this family to function properly. We have two problems that this parent seems to be difficult to deal. On the one hand the recent diagnosis of their child John with Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (HDAD). Moreover, the news of the transsexuality in her daughter Mary, who in both problems are or can be bigger if they are not treated with understanding and support, the parent 's response to their children will determine the way forward to have a functional family development. Many parents take their sons and daughters to psychological therapy because they understand that perhaps a therapist or behavior specialist can make their son or daughter "back to normal." Moreover, it is a fact that the parents experience frustration, sadness, disappointment, but above all, they have a guilty feeling that it sends them to look for the faults in which they could incur during the education of their children. In our present society, which is identified by its complexity, instability and above all by the speed with which social changes occur, it precipitates in many cases the processes of maladaptation, exclusion, and marginalization. For a functional family to know that a child is having problems, the first
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