As We Look At The Relationship Between The State And Federal

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As we look at the relationship between the state and federal in the United States, we have a system that called as “federalism” where the central national government does not hold all the power, but they share the power with responsibility for governance of the sovereign states. As the definition of “federalism” is a political system in which power is divided between a central authority and constituent political subunits. Therefore, both state government and the federal government had become more intertwined to cooperation with all the rules of the law to adjust every state that they need for their own life in America. Instead, the state government and the federal government share with the certain powers such as setting and collecting all…show more content…
However, guns are one of the most very dangerous weapons for everyone around the world especially, teenager and children. Guns are commonly used in the war or to protect the citizen around the country. In fact, there are so many ways to use a gun in the United State, and it depends on the circumstances that all the people live in the United States by use guns for many reasons such as: to destroy the enemy, hunting, intimidation, crime, and murder. Among the controversial most issues guns’ control in America that we look back today whether not or even won’t, but everyone in the state or federal government should be stricter with all the laws to prevent all the people who buy their own guns around the country. There are so many multiple shootings in the news and the world that involving guns by those Muslim people. Therefore, the laws that having been created for long time ago, but for those people who been injured or even killed in the war or countries which is not having any response about the debate with some issues that need to be answerable for American citizens. Although a gun advocates feel their rights as citizens of the United States will be tempered if the government changes the gun laws against them or the new gun laws will stop gun violence and lower murder rates in the society and the world.
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