As You Like It by William Shakespeare

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In the play, As you like it, Rosalind and her cousin, Celia, disguise themselves so they will be safe in the forest, where they run away. Celia dresses up as a poor lady and Rosalind dresses up as a poor man. In the past society has made it seem like it was impossible to act like a man or dress as one. In the play, As you like it, Rosalind has to dress up and acts like a man to make it through the Forest of Arden. Rosalind’s father got banned from the city and is sent to the forest by his own brother, who is the father of Celia. Celia and Rosalind are very close and act as sisters. Duke Fredrick then tells Rosalind that she needs to leave the city and go to the Forest of Arden as well. Celia and Rosalind decided that they will run away before either one of them could get banned from the city. They dress up as different people, Rosalind as Ganymede and Celia as a poor girl. They do this for their own safety and so no one would recognize them. In the past, people had a fixed notion on how different male and females acted. Women of upper classes were to be married to someone that their parents have chosen, most likely with families that had just as much wealth and power. Women who were in lower classes most likely waited to get married in their twenties and to the man of their choice. They got married much later to save money to run a house. When a woman got married they probably stayed at home to run their house and make sure it was suitable for their husbands. Women
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