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I must say that I was a little less than enthralled about receiving a project, which required me to hunt down and interrogate an established designer to the point of annoyance. After reading the circulated example and seeing that, the author Chris Metcalf, started with the same viewpoint. I began to be swayed to the same train of thought, which had enlightened Chris. A sudden and drastic change in my thoughts leads me to see that this is, hopefully, my final year as a student designer. The final year, in which I can ask the questions, delve into, what is commonly believed to be, general knowledge within the design field.
Immediately I sought to find a designer whom I could interview. Making a list of who was in the immediate area
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Or possibly it was the following sentence (“…As designers we influence the way people interact with our products…”) as this one sentence made me realise I am the quiet little voice that tells the user to hold the product like this or tilt it that way or put the powder here. The intrinsic little conscience of a product is my thoughts and aspirations for the product. These followed through from my thoughts through my pencil into the final prototype and finally embedded in every one of product units manufactured. The product may not be a direct extension of me but perhaps more closely a child of personal progressions and growing pains as a designer. My thoughts on this topic lead me down a very long and winding path where I eventually end up realising. Designers have a lot of power in how a product is used and interacted with by users. Everyone now knows after watching that one movie “with great power comes great responsibility”.
Joe’s viewpoint on working is almost a complete flip in thought, complexity and word count. “Learn the game to bend the rules”. This seemed simple enough at the time but now that I have thought about it some more I realise I would like to ask how far into the grey one can go with the “bending of the rules”. There are always question left unanswered and next time I will ask a designer this question I will weigh his opinion up against my own. Which is? I personally have no problem with that thought especially if it

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