As a child I grew up playing football, and I’ve always had a passion for the game. After playing my

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As a child I grew up playing football, and I’ve always had a passion for the game. After playing my final down, I knew that my days with the sport were not over. Football is a sport that molds boys into men. My dream is to become a football coach. My coaches had a very strong impact on my life and helped me evolve into the person I am today. By becoming a football coach I will have the ability to make an impact on my player’s life like my coaches did with mine. My biggest inspiration in becoming a football coach is Lou Holtz. Coach Holtz showed me that just because I am finished playing doesn’t mean that I can’t have a passion for the game. The way he carried himself and the passion he emitted helped me decide that this was something I…show more content…
I will be able to get around the certification process by becoming a teacher.
After receiving my degree and certification I will need to find an open position. It is predicted by that there will be 29.4% growth in employment outlook for coaches in the years 2010-2020. As stated earlier there is no experience requirement, the only thing suggested is to have background knowledge of the game. I plan on becoming a physical education teacher at the high school level. By doing this I will be able to find employment easier than just being a football coach. Since many of the schools hire teachers to be coaches, being a teacher will make this process easier for me to get involved with the football program from the beginning and work my way up to eventually becoming head coach. In an article by Lisa Miller, she talked about how coaches need to identify their purpose in coaching before they become one. Many are in it for the money and fame. After thinking hard about the question, I finally discovered why I wanted to become a coach. I don’t want to make millions, or become famous. The reason why I wish to coach is to be able to impact my player’s lives and help them become better men like my coaches did with me.
As a coach I will have lots of responsibilities. I will be in charge of not only the football team but the operations of the football program as a whole. Being in charge of the football operations is important because I will have control over whether the
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