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Alarm Monitoring

System Alarm

House Alarm System

Telephone System

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Power factor monitor & control 63. PROCURE SYSTEM FOR VEHICLE USING CAN PROTOCOL 64. TCP/IP BASED STUDENT ATTENDANCE LOGGING SYSTEM 65. SECURE SYSTEM FOR DOMESTIC PURPOSE 66. CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 67. Temperature Data Logger 68. SMS Enabled Industrial Networking 69. Digital Anemometer 70. Mobile car Security System 71. ETHERNET BASED PATIENT MONITORING SYSTEM 72. Electricity theft Identification using RF Modems 73. Security Integrated System Based On WAP For Remote Monitoring and Control of Industrial Process 74. Railway Gate Management using GPS and GSM 75. Priority for Emergency Vehicles in Traffic Signals 76. WIRELESS SENSORY BASED ENERGY CONSERVATION SYSTEM 77. Programmable Hopper Controller 78. TCP/IP BASED ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM FOR ELECTRICITY BOARD 79. Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Controlling Using Embedded System 80. GPS GSM based patient monitoring 81. Security System for Remote Access using Telephone Line 82. I2C EPROM Programmers 83. Multi>channel Temperature Monitor & controller 84. RF Based Embedded Virtual Highway Patrol 85. Mail Transfer System 86. Lift control System 87. Tyre pressure monitoring system 88. WIRELESS SECURE POLLING SYSTEM USING GPRS 89. Accident identification system 90. Pc to Microcontroller communication Through USART. 91. Wireless Water Level Controller 92. Traffic Priority for Ambulance 93. Telephone interface security system 94. VOICE BASED AUTO RECEPTIONIST FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION

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