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As a child, I was fascinated by the EA Sports FIFA games; playing against the "CPU", trying different combinations of teams, formations and tactics to outsmart it at every difficulty level. The urge to do so wouldn 't go until I had mastered that particular level. At the same time, I always wondered how this one single change in the game-settings made the afore-mentioned CPU come with all guns blazing at me or this press of a button made my player move or shoot the ball? This inquisitiveness ultimately became the driving force that made me want to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

Having secured a rank in the top
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I witnessed the entire software development cycle in action, right from the requirement analysis until the delivery of the product. This experience made me realize how putting the concepts that I had learnt in class into actual practice, reinforced my understanding of the same. Accordingly, I started taking up a few projects to fortify my hold on the subjects I wanted to explore.

I saw an opportunity within my college where I could help get things done by reducing man-power and that’s when I came up with a web-based application for our placement department. Post this, the next project I ventured into was actually a result of the idea that had struck me, back when I was at IDDS: to create an electronic noticeboard for my college. With the help of my professor, I developed a wireless model of the same that was able to display the message on the noticeboard, sent via a registered mobile number.

Successful completion and application of these two tools made me wonder if technology can be used to solve trivial problems, why can 't we leverage this power to tackle much bigger problems. Thus, for my next project I took up a real world issue. As an avid reader of The Hindu (an Indian daily newspaper), I have come across countless cases
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