Asbestos Abatement Research Paper

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Although modern construction guidelines prevent the use of hazardous materials that cause respiratory problems, the team at Concord Asbestos Abatement knows dangerous materials can be lurking in older homes and commercial structures. For 30 years, the company has been helping Concord, NC residents breathe easy in their homes and offices by providing safe, affordable, and efficient asbestos abatement and mold removal. Here the trained technicians at this Concord-based company share the steps involved in professional asbestos abatement. Seal Off Rooms: As soon as the asbestos abatement team gets to your property, they will seal off rooms, doorways, windows, and ducts with plastic. Securing these spaces ensures chemicals used in the asbestos…show more content…
To help do this, technicians install HEPA filters in windows to help push air directly out of the building and not into the rest of the house. Cut Into Areas With Asbestos: Asbestos is found under floors, ceilings, and roof shingles. Asbestos abatement technicians cut into these areas to get to the asbestos underneath. They then load the unwanted materials into a truck to take to the abatement site for proper asbestos disposal. Cleanup: Once asbestos is completely removed, any leftover debris is vacuumed and placed in disposable plastic bags. Since asbestos particles can easily get on clothing, any contaminated items are also discarded. The licensed asbestos removal professionals at Concord Asbestos Abatement bring cleanup equipment to the worksite to ensure they don’t track any remaining asbestos particles through your space before they leave. Asbestos is a dangerous material that should always be handled by professionals. If you need help checking for asbestos, call Concord Asbestos Abatement. With three decades of experience, the team at this Concord-based company is qualified to provide a thorough asbestos inspection and help you determine the proper course of treatment. If you need a mold remover, the company will assist with that
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