Asbestos Removal from Old Structures

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A contractor is renovating an old building into apartments. As he tears down existing drywall he notices there is Asbestos inside the walls. Asbestos is very deadly when it is airborne and since this is intended to be a home for families with small children it must be removed. This research paper is going to talk about the hazards of Asbestos. It may cause and how to remove it and talk about what Asbestos is. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that has been used in many different things. It was first used around the 1879 in Quebec Canada.* It was used a great deal until the 1980`s when it was determined that it caused throat and lung cancer.* The most common way that Asbestos was used was in insulation. Is was used in house`s in the floor…show more content…
There is there own landfills that you have to take the asbestos you can't just take it to any landfill and you just can't throw it to the trash bag it needs to be taken to the landfills that they are supposed to be taking to. Between 1996 and 2005 there were more than 380 workers that died from asbestos related disease. So you would have to take the proper equipment to take out the asbestos from your home or from the schools. But you also have to be careful because asbestos is in other things then just insulation there is asbestos in paper, Roofing and Siding Shingles, and there is Asbestos in hot water pipes and also in brakes, there is a lot of asbestos in the brakes because there is an intersection in Cleveland, Ohio where so many people hit their brakes that cause a lot of asbestos to be put into the air.

Once you have the proper equipment needed to remove Asbestos there are three more steps to remove Asbestos. the first step in removing asbestos is prepare the work area. You would have to start of by putting up a warning sign for people that are unexpected and are not supposed to be there and the sign tells them what's in there so they no not to go in there. You would also have to remove all the furniture because covering it up isn't going to work because asbestos would still get on it. You would have to turn off all

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