Asch Conformity Analysis

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This article is about conformity and how it can influence the way someone thinks about a certain topic or towards a certain situation. The psychologist Asch wanted to understand just how strong the need to conform actually is, and how it influences a person’s behavior. His method of testing this was a small group of people, about eight, sitting next to each other and an experimenter flashes two cards. One card had a single line on it and the second had three lines of various sizes, labeled A, B and C. Each person in the group was to pick a line from the choices on the second card that they thought was the same length as the line on the first card. The first couple of rounds went on and everyone was picking the same obvious answers, but a little way…show more content…
Did their wrong answers influence the other group members’ responses? The results of the experiment showed that seventy-five percent of the people went along with whatever answer was given by the majority of the group. The results of this experiment are very shocking, not everyone wants to admit that they conform but the most of us do. This can be applied to just about any situation, but the first situation that pops into my mind is peer pressure. Many teenagers and even young adults have been peer pressured into positions that they could not see their way out of, or thought it was okay as long as everyone else was doing it. The power of conformity is so influential on the grounds that fear of public ridicule or humiliation one may feel if they do not conform, is so strong. Conformity is quite an interesting topic to study. In my general psychology class, we talked about the Stanford Prison experiment and this is a perfect example of conformity. The psychologist in
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