Ascorbic Acid ( Aa )

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Ascorbic acid (AA), also known as vitamin C, was discovered 88 years ago. AA is not only used in the food industry as a food additive, it is also known to provide many benefits to our health. It is an essential vitamin for humans and its deficiency causes scurvy. AA is a water-soluble vitamin, highly polar, naturally occurs as L-ascorbic acid and is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) to be used as a food additive by the FDA. It can come from natural sources (food-derived) and synthetic (made in lab). AA has been one of the most popular chemicals with many nutritional and pharmaceutical properties. Some companies producing at national and international level, chemistry of AA, applications in food and controversies related to this additive will be discussed in further detail in this paper.
National and International level companies
Two companies that produce AA at the national level are AIDP and Watson Incorporated. AIDP is a mid-sized company located in City Of Industry, CA and was founded in 1996. They are distributors of AA, for food and beverages but they mainly focus on distributing dietary supplements ( Watson is another company which was founded in 1939. Its headquarters are located in West Haven, Connecticut and a second location is located in Taylorville, Illinois. They provide ingredients for the food and supplement industries. ( Two companies that produce AA at the international level are Naturex and Prinova. Naturex produces
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