Asd Reflection

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Experience and feelings
Facing the Diagnosis
During the time before the first diagnosis, I was aware that my son had some developmental delay, as he was not following the proper developmental stages. In addition, I noticed certain behaviors that did not seem typical. The symptoms were lost of speech abilities when he was a year and a half, and having inconsistent eye contact. My son also had challenges in his motoric and physical development, as he had lower back core and had delay in crawling, standing, walking and climbing. In addition, he also showed signs that later on I learned to be moderate sensory processing disorder. He refused a certain kind of food texture, gaging, and refused wearing certain clothing. In addition, he banged his
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Even after a speech therapist went through the symptoms of autism with me, I still refused to accept the possibility of ASD.
After the speech therapist revealed to me her opinion on the source of my son challenges, I felt resented and anger toward her. I felt that it was not her professional position to do that, and that she use the ASD diagnosis as an excuse for her lack of professional success while working with my son, since it was the easiest way for her.
I shared my experience with my friends who also have a child with moderate functioning ASD. They tried to open my eyes regarding the deeper problem, and implied that they suspect that my son may be on the ASD as well. They also advised me to diagnose him privately, as regional center is not serve anyone after the age of three unless they have a life impermanent
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Even though there is still not enough evidence for the causes of ASD, a natural thing for me as a mother was to blame myself for his condition, which has also make me feel guilt for what I believed I did wrong. I felt guilt for inheriting my son with a defective genetics. I felt guilt for not being careful enough with my nutrition during the pregnancy, and for being too stressful during that time. I also felt guilt for expose my son to too much TV screen time and overly stimulation
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