Asda Leadership Style

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Question one:

Now a day many organization has a purpose to achieve a specific goal which to cant be without a good leadership style. The leadership is the nature and the requirement that is an important way in everyday of management. To maintain the success of the organization that affect the entire employee, Like in case of ASDA the management and leadership that are based on Autocratic , democratic and Laissez faire.

The control of all operation by the Autocratic management style is the use of power over employee and staff and forces them to deal with the customer. This type of leadership makes the decision alone and converts it to the employee which the employee has to work, for example, to deliver the best customer service manger instruct all employee to follow his guidelines for this process. The Democratic leadership style is an important way to give the opportunity for the employee in making decision in the
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Then the place is
Important to influence the activities like maintain and build network, evaluate the sense of purpose where the leadership is involve the employee to follow his direction to achieve specific goal. Where the other theories have assumed that the good leader must be born not made which is wrong since the effective leader must have all performance and skills to learn how to lead a team successfully.

As a conclusion the leadership style in ASDA must be committed to satisfy the main element which is customer to developed and gain profitably. Good and faire management style that respect and motivate all employees to have a successful collaboration, this will developed ASDA in the market. From my point of view the democratic leadership style is more effective in the organization, since all employees work together to make decision.

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