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Summer Assignment: Survival of the Sickest

Introduction (1)What is the “big” question the book will attempt to answer? "Why would evolution allow seemingly harmful genetics t be passed through the gene pool?"
Chapter I (2)The author points out many ways in which iron impacts life. Identify/describe at least five. 1. Hemoglobin to carry oxygen 2. oceans "seeded" with iron can hold more oxygen producing organisms. 3. Parasites feed on human iron. 4. Cancer cells thrive on human iron 5. High levels of iron can counter-act the effects of antibiotics, by feeding the bacteria to the point that they can live despite the antibiotics (3)In the context of this chapter, explain the author’s reference to Bruce Lee and to the
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Cholesterol? Folic acid?
We need Vitamin D because it ensures growth and maintenance of healthy bones, proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, proper function of the heart, nervous system, the clotting process and immune system. Also, Vitamin D helps protect against osteoporosis and rickets. We need Cholesterol to produce Vitamin D, make and maintain cell membranes, help the brain send messages, to help the immune system protect against cancer and other diseases, and also to be a major component of estrogen and testosterone. We need Folic acid because it aids in cell growth and DNA replication. (10) Briefly describe the connection between the two concepts:
a.tanning beds; birth defects
Tanning beds decrease the amount of Folic acid, and Folic acid helps DNA replication, preventing birth defects.
b.sunglasses; sunburn sunglasses prohibit the optic nerves from picking up the amount of UV radiation. The optic nerves tell this level to the pituitary, which sends a message to the melanocytes to produce proper amounts of Melanin. If the optic nerves don't pick up the right levels, the pituitary doesn't tell the melanocytes to produce proper levels of melanin, which

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