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The film “Maria Full of Grace” contained many aspects related to global planning issues in areas such as neighborhoods and cities, personal space, and immigration. The film demonstrated the effects of social networking in urban environments and the effects it has on personal space. Survival in urban space such as in cities and neighborhoods is revealed within the film along with the importance of recognizable space. As depicted in the film, immigration and social support can be closely related in terms of a family support network. This essay will discuss these global planning issues with relation to the film and in relation to Sharon Zukin’s article “Whose Culture? Whose City”. The effects of social networking in urban environments for…show more content…
In deprived cities, like the one in the film, money is the most admired commodity. In areas where plantations and industries thrive, workers and laborers certainly do not share the profits attained by these businesses. Workers wages do not meet the bar for providing for their family and ones own personal needs therefore the danger of the drug trade looms. Drug distribution is highly recognized and sought after due to the large amount of money associated with it. Some dwellers in areas of drug trade, in urban neighborhoods and cities, often make the sacrifice of working in the drug trade to support their needs and the needs of their family. The money comes easy and fast and there is plenty of it to go around. However, the drug trade is a risky enterprise to partake in and is the ultimate sacrifice of personal space, in terms of smuggling drugs across borders. Drug rings look to control these environments and the people that inhabit them. As Sharon Zukin stated in her article “Whose Culture? Whose City?”, culture is a powerful means of controlling cities. She goes on to acknowledge, “Controlling the various cultures of cities suggest the possibility of controlling all sorts of urban ills, from violence and hate crime to economic decline.” (Zukin, 1995). She attributes these statements to corporate companies forces within public space in New York. These statements are closely related, however, to the forces of drug cartels and organizations in deprived cities
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