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sadExercise 1 B. Which Field of political science is associated with each of the following items? 1. The influence of geography, population, and resources on a country’s politics. – GEOPOLITICS 2. Actual management of the affairs of the state by the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government – PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 3. Development of ideas relating to the origin, form, behavior and purposes of the State – POLITICAL THEORY 4. Structure and functions of national and local government units – GOVERNMENT 5. The interplay of societal forces influencing political actions and decisions – POLITICAL DYNAMICS 6. Description and analysis of the similarities and differences among states – COMPARATIVE…show more content…
A system of governance wherein local and national affairs are controlled by the central government – UNITARY GOVERNMENT 12. Government established by secession, revolution or military occupation – DE FACTO GOV’T 13. The rule of kings and queens based on divine right – MONARCHY 14. A democracy that persists for a short period of time and then recedes back to authoritarianism – TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT 15. Government by a family of rulers – DYNASTIC REGIME B. Specify the theory on the origin of the state associated with each of the following. 16. The state emerged as a consequence of invasion, occupation, force or coercion –FORCE THEORY 17. As the state is like a living organism, it can grow, wither, or develop – HISTORICAL/EVOLUTIONARY THEORY 18. The growth and expansion of the family led to the creation the state – PATERNALISTIC THEORY 19. The state emerged as a result of the institutionalized expression of the people’s desire for political association – INSTINCTIVE THEORY 20. The enjoyment of the private right and the pursuit of happiness lead to a civil society for the common good – LOCKE’S SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY C. To what does each of the following refer? 21. A community of persons occupying a fixed territory, with an organized government and enjoying independence from external control - STATE 22. The agency through which the will of the state is expressed and

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